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"A lot has happened over the years," Bet365 says on their website. The private company BET365 Group LTD started as a small business. Offering features as 'Cash Out,' 'Live Streaming,' 'Edit Bet,' 'Bet Builder,' 'Live Matches,' and 'GPS Horse Racing.' Like most online gaming companies, you can expect the offer of more than just sports betting. You can also find a range of Casino, Poker, Bingo, and Slots games on the website.
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  • Maybe the best betting site there is
  • More then 50 million active accounts
  • Good odds
  • Lots of markets to bet on


American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing/MMA, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Esports, Gaelic Sports, Golf, Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Motorsports, Pool , Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker , Soccer , Speedway, Table Tennis, Tennis, Trotting, Virtual Sports

Specials: Lotto, Politics, Italy X-factor, UK BBC Sports Person, Amici 2021

Winter Sports: Biathlon, Cross County Skiing

More Sports: Austrilian Rules, Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Handball, Netball, Water Polo





Before you can place any bets at Bet365, you will need to register. Without a personal account stated to your name, you are not allowed to bet online. So make sure to use your real name as stated on your identification. For a payout request, you will also have to provide proof of your address. But that is no different from any other online bookmaker.

Just go to the website and follow the steps. Let’s talk you through the process, step by step. Once you are on the website of Bet365, the steps are straight forward. Look for the “Join Now” button in yellow. You will find it on the far right of the screen. After you click that join button, a pop-up screen will open to fill in your details.

Start of the member registration with filling in the country of residence. This country will be pre-selected based on your location. All you need to do is check if it is correct. Tell Bet365 who you are by giving your name and day of birth. There needs to be an address and phone number for confirmation. Here you can also decide on how you would like to receive offers. Switch the notification, text messages, email, or system messages, on or off.

Bet365 and Confirming your Identity


The next part for the sign up is the address you live, followed by the username. With more than 50 million accounts, there is a possibility that someone took the username you had in mind. You will know as soon as you try. The system of Bet365 will provide ideas that you can use as an alternative. Next is the password. There are rules set up you must follow. You can see the password rules if you hover the information icon on the left. Repeat the same password twice before continuing. There is an extra security measure in place in the shape of a four-digit code. Choose a sequence you can remember. Easy sequences as 0000 or 1234 will not be sufficient.

You almost have your Bet365 account, just set the time zone, odds display preference, and a bonus code optional. Check the box to confirm your age, and terms and conditions; finally, press the big green button to confirm. And if you didn’t miss any fields to fill in the next screen to make a deposit.

Depositing and Withdrawing funds


To deposit funds at the Bet365 betting site, you have a lot of options. It depends a little on the country you are from, but there are always options. The easiest is to grab your Visa or MasterCard

and fill in the numbers from the card. You will also have to provide the name on the card, the expiry date, and the security code (CVV). Once set, pick the amount and select if you like to receive the Bet Credits, explaining those in a minute. First, there is the ‘Set a deposit limit’ to opt. This option can help you to stick within the limits of your bankroll.

Alternative deposit methods

As said, there are plenty of other options to deposit money. You can use PaySafecard, Apple Pay, PayPal, G Pay, click to pay, all depending on what is possible in your country. For substantial sums up to 150.000 Euro or 1.000.000 Mexican Pesos, for example, or just because it is your preference, you can use a bank transfer. All information on payment methods, currencies, and countries are on the left in the top menu.

Bet Credits

“Get up to €50.00 in Bet Credits. We’ll match your qualifying deposit in Bet Credits.” This offer is an example of what you will see when depositing money at Bet365. The Bet Credits are the same as bonus money. There are some restrictions on where to place the money. Meaning not all bets will apply for Bet Credits.


When you succeed in having a nice win streak, make sure to withdraw some funds. You can do this by selecting your profile icon on the top of the page, far right, will open a menu. In this menu, select the option bank. Here you can choose to withdraw. Select the funds you want to withdraw and follow the instructions. Enjoy your winnings!

Sports and Markets at Bet365

The main screen of Bet365 is all about user-friendly sports betting. On the top left, there are other options to go to like the casino or poker. Next to ‘Sports,’ there is ‘In-Play.’ This In-Play feature stands out in the middle of the green bar too. As Bet365 is one of the founders of live betting, they have some excellent markets available. The menu on the left shows all the available sports. Let have a look at some of Betting Groups favorites.

Bet365-left-menu-sort-favoritesSpeaking of favorites, next to each sport on the left menu, there is a star. You have the option to use this star to select your favorites. You highlight the star by clicking on it, and the sport will move up in the menu. This way, you create your menu with favorites on top. In my list Formula 1 is at the bottom. This is because Formula 1 is in the submenu called motorsports.

Football betting at Bet365

Of course, you will find football on Bet365, or actually, you won’t find ‘football.’ Because here they call it soccer. Calling it soccer serves the US market very well, and everybody in the world knows what soccer is. So it doesn’t matter if its football or soccer, it is the biggest betting market in the world and on Bet365. Scroll down the menu on the left-hand side and select soccer.

The dark grey screen with green accents starts with two options on top of the screen. Here it says, ‘Coupons’ and ‘Outrights.’ Let us continue with the last of the two; outrights. Outrights are mainly bets in the long run. For example, who will win the Champions League, or the Premier League, or any other soccer competition, or who will be the top scorer, or finish in the bottom four teams. The Outrights. Back to the Coupons.

Bet Coupons

The first block on top is the ‘Featured Matches’ this entire block; you can scroll sideways to see upcoming and In-Play soccer matches. When there are odds available, they show in yellow. Selecting the odds will directly add this selection to your bet slip.

Underneath this first bar, you see the second bar that selects ‘Upcoming Matches’ options. Here you can select a group like ‘Top leagues’ or ‘Next 12 Hours’. Looking down further on the page, there are numerous groups. Each group is a market, starting with ‘Full-Time Result, ‘Double Change,’ ‘Over Under,’ ‘Both Team To Score,’ and more. Each of these markets you can open and there select the league you want to bet. This layout is a different approach than most bookmakers will use.

In most cases, we see the league’s first, followed by the markets. There isn’t a wrong or right here; it both works. And showing the number of members that play at Bet365 is there a lot of people that like this method.

From here, look for the bet you want to play. Click on the odds, and the bet will transfer to the Bet slip. You find the bet slip in the center of the screen on the bottom. You can select more odds, and more bets will accumulate on the bet slip. The bet slip gives you the option to make some adjustments. You can change single or acca’s in doubles, trixies, and so on. Put up your stake and confirm to place the bet.

Horse Racing at Bet365

Time to look at horse racing on Bet365. Navigating on this betting site is easy. Look to your screen’s left, scroll down the menu with sports and select what you are looking for. In this case, we go for horse racing. 

A top menu on the horse racing page will show ‘Coupons,’ ‘Search,’ ‘Antepost,’ and ‘My Horses.’ The search page does evident; here, you can search the runners, the horse’s name. When looking at the next menu option ‘Antepost’ page, there are bets with expected odds. Before the racetrack odds are available, some bookmakers decide on their own odds. These can be very interesting and vary a lot. The fourth and final page from the menu is ‘My Horses’ and will only show the horses you set as favorite by selecting the star icon.

When you return to the coupons page, you can scroll down and see all different countries; below the county name, there are the upcoming days to filter. Underneath these days, there will be an overview of the horse racing tracks in that specific country, on the day of your choice, hosting races. Each timeslot has a number. Selecting the number will bring you the race itself. These same numbers will show on top when looking at a race page and helps you navigate races. Click on the track name, and a drop-down list of track names enables you to navigate this as well.

Now all left to do is pick the horse you want to bet by selecting the odds presented in yellow. The odds will transfer to your bet slip at the center bottom of the screen as a win. When you prefer to go with Each Way, there is a small box to check on the bet slip. Other types of markets are given just above the race card, such as Forecast, Tricast, Tote, Exotics, and more. One final note, there is plenty of possibilities to watch the race in a live stream; just look for the play button. Good luck!

Tennis betting at Bet365

Betting on tennis remains to stay at the top of the rankings for many years. There are many games played worldwide, and they’re always a winner at the end of a match. Looking at Bet365 as our tennis betting site. As always, it starts with going to the tennis page. On bet365, all sports are found on the left of the screen, the same with tennis. 

Once you have selected tennis, the top of the screen will let you choose between ‘matches’ and ‘outrights.’ Outright bets usually include a tournament winner and players reaching the final or matches with most or least games. You will see ‘In-Play’ and the number of matches currently being played on the same height but to the right. 

The matches page itself has the same setup as other sports. Bet365 is very recognizable by keeping the same layout. On top of the featured games. When scrolling down, there is a long list of markets mostly separated by tournament name. Select a match to see the odds. Click the odds to create a bet slip. A small number shows on a game’s far-right to see more markets of a specific game. Here you can select markets like over / under set scores, win to love, game scores, and similar bets. The bet slip you created when selecting odds opens on the bottom. Here you enter the amount to bet and confirm.

MMA Mixed Martial Arts betting at Bet365

When you are looking for MMA in the menu left of the screen of Bet365.com, you will be disappointed. Because you cannot find MMA, Bet365 has combined Boxing and MMA on the same screen. As a result, you need to look for Boxing. Once selected, the upcoming featured matches are on top. As UFC has become more popular to bet on worldwide, most betting sites provide betting options. Bet365 has an extensive offer of markets, not only on UFC but also on Bellator or Dana White Contender Series. Just too bad, they are limited in there offer of markets on a single fight. For now, the only option is to pick your winners. 


Over the last two decades, Bet365 has become a favorite betting site for many people. They claim to have an astonishing database of 53 million customers. Starting in the year 2000 with 12 employees, Bet365 grew to more than 5000 employees. Bet365 has an important notice for the user experience by providing high-quality features. The company was at the forefront of Live In-play sports betting. It has become a trendy revolution for all betting sites.