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About Betman Begins

Betman Begins is founded by a young man that worked for about five years as a full-time employee of an online bookmaker. In the meantime, he dedicated all his spare time to sports betting. giving profitable tips and teaching followers how to find profitable bets themselves.


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  • Playing High Odds (Avg. 3.95)
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  • The video content is in Dutch

Betman Begins



Football, Tennis, Cycling

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Twitter, Telegram, Facebook


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This young man worked for about five years as a full-time employee of an online bookmaker. In the meantime, he dedicated all his spare time to sports betting. With the result that in 2019 he quit his day job to become a full-time bettor. But he is not keeping the knowledge for himself, with growing Betting Groups on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram.

Let’s start with a closer look at the Instagram account of Betman Begins. Or actually, I should say Instagram accounts, as in plural. When I follow the link on his website, the account Betmanbegins_int opens. With almost 400 followers and 88 posts, maybe it doesn’t seem to be a real active Insta-account. On top, he presents a 31% Return on Investment, a 49% win rate, and 4.10 as the average odds. There are only a couple of messages each month, and none of those share bet suggestions. So I decided to see what will happen if I remove the _int from the account URL.

Betman Begins Betting Tips on Social Media

The second account of Betmanbegins is in his native language. A good betting group for everybody that speaks Dutch. Heading towards 10.000 followers on Instagram. This Dutch account’s usually posts winning bet slips, overall results, giveaways, and fun quotes. This means there is fun interaction, but there are no betting tips. 

Next in line is Twitter. Here the Betman Begins account almost has daily tweets with betting tips. The tweets are in English, and it looks like he investigated the tips. Or at least Betman makes an excellent effort to substantiate it. The bets are also not the most common ones. There are a few Dutch leagues, including women’s soccer and second division. It seems that there are quite a few goalscorer tips. And as said before, these are provided with substantiation. Fun fact about goal scorer bets is that the odds are usually 4.00 and higher. Besides football, it appears that cycling had the betman’s interest on Twitter. This Twitter account is one I suggest. What I also strongly recommend is that you too do your research. In my opinion, the current number of followers seems a bit low.

That brings us to the Telegram accounts. Just like on Instagram, there are two separate accounts. One international version with around 150 members at the time, I am reviewing this. And the Dutch version that has more than 2000 members. Although the information shared is in Dutch, it is still straightforward to understand what the suggested bet is. And for the people that don’t understand, all the important tips are translated in English and posted in the International account. Copy and paste the content of each message, and you will understand what he is suggesting. 

Both groups on Telegram are very active with daily tips on Football and Tennis. Sometimes, for example, during the Tour The France, there are even Cycling bets. It looks like the Dutch group is getting just a bit more suggestions. It’s too bad that the Betting Groups on Telegram blocked the option to interact. This is why I think it is less of a group and more like a channel.

Update 2021: 

We have recently been added to the Facebook Group and see some fun interaction. The group holds almost 2000 members. The Betman Begins, shares tips here, but also lovely bets from the group members. Just recently, there was a Paysafecard giveaway. This Facebook Group is a lot of fun and helps to get the Belgium en Dutch up their game.

Most recently, The Betman Begins added more Tipsters to their venture. This results in even more quality tips. The new Tipsters shared 293 tips in 2020 with an ROI of 5.79%.

You will find all results of the bets, wins or losses, on their website. Transparency is one of the fundamental ways Betman works. You will also find posts on how to beat the bookmakers and breakdowns of upcoming games on the website. A nice feature is the Betting Bible that is on the website. This is a great way to start betting on football and get a head start on betting knowledge.