Betting Groups


Join betting groups and start winning your bets

You are searching the web and social media daily to find the best Betting Groups on online platforms. Groups that help you expand your betting knowledge. Even better, groups that add to your betting results and help grow your bank account. Discover, follow, and join them on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram to get that much-loved edge over bookmakers’ betting sites. Whether it is Football, Tennis, MMA, or Horse Racing, you won’t be disappointed here. 

What are Betting Groups

What betting groups are is not a straightforward answer. By that, I mean that we have discovered different variations over the years. With the arrival of Social Media and platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram, our possibilities to communicate with others have changed considerably. We have enormous reach, can remain anonymous, and set up entire communities. We started with a WhatsApp group of friends who all like to bet. As a result, we have learned that listening to each other can help reduce hasty decisions. Something that more people should do with betting. This gave us the idea that more knowledge and information is available in different groups. And we were right about that too. On all platforms from Facebook to Twitter, you can find people that deal with betting on sports.

Unfortunately, there is a considerable disadvantage. Most of them don’t understand betting at all. The vast majority of groups spams you with nonsense and advertising. That made us decide to separate the wheat from the chaff and look for the groups with something to add.

Social Networks Sports Betting

Betting Groups are very diverse and scattered. You will find one on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers and the other somewhere in the cracks of Telegram. Tipsters are often looking for new customers, but sometimes just hobbyists who understand sports betting and are happy to share it.

We searched for groups on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, and Whatsapp. The sports we looked at are football, tennis, horse racing, and MMA. These are the sports we like and bet on ourselves.

Group Suggestions

Every day new groups emerge, and some of them excel at sharing top bets. We are happy to provide these Betting Groups with a platform to reach more audiences. Suggest new Betting Groups, and we’ll be sure to track them, review it, and list it on our website when it deserves.