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When you are on, the chances are you already somewhat familiar with sports betting. Probably you are looking to get that edge on a bookmaker by gaining some extra knowledge. There is a lot of “knowledge” to be found throughout the internet and social media platforms. However, it’s often difficult to see the wood for the forest, which means that it can be challenging to separate good advice from all the rest.

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Here is where BettingGroups have made a selection for you. We sorted the wheat from the chaff. Now you know where to find the best betting tips, betting advice, and betting groups, let us provide you with the best betting sites to go along with it.

The Best Betting sites

So what makes a good betting site? Which betting sites are the best, and why are these bookmakers on top of the game compared to others? Of course, it all depends on what you are looking for when choosing your favorite betting site. And why limit yourself to only one bookmaker if there are so many good ones out there. There are a few main ingredients to look at when making your selection. And even if you are a rookie in sports betting, they will probably not come as a surprise.

Licensed Betting Sites

Let’s start with the basics. Only enlist to a betting site when you are sure they have a legal license in your home country. You always want to make sure that the money you may transfer is in good hands. Making sure the bookmaker has a right to operate in your country is still your best bet. This way, you can object to the authority when something is not in check, your money is safe, and your placed bets are legal.

User Design and User Interface Experience

All betting sites do the same, present sports, and offer markets you can bet. The way they present it is always a little different. For starters, there are the colors of the corporate identity. The way you navigate through the site can be different. But also they show the odds or present a betting slip can vary from others. I don’t think there is a wrong or right and that everybody has there own preference. And sometimes, it just takes a short to get used to the navigation, buttons, and menus. But this is different for a lot of people. Find what you like or what you hate and filter out what suits you best.

Higher odds, bigger wins

The betting sites can try to compete with each other by providing higher odds than the competition. The one who benefits is you. The difference in odds is also the reason I think you should not limit yourself to one bookmaker. In the BettingGroups I joined, there are often tips that include a suggested betting site. In most cases, because the odds are higher than somewhere else. So it’s evident that the odds are significant in the selection for your personal best betting website.

Easy Deposits and Fast Withdrawals

Unless you got some great deal on free betting, you first need to deposit some dough in your account. How you want to do that is entirely up to you. Nowadays, there are countless numbers of depositing cash. The credit card usually provides some advantages as does PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Square; you name it. Just check on the betting site itself or check with the customer support if your deposit method of choice is available.

I don’t feel that most bookmakers are very keen on a quick payout. But some are better than others. If you want to influence the time it takes, make sure you provide all documents required.

Customer Support

Some of us will never use them; others can’t do without a betting site’s customer service. It is a point that indicates the quality of a bookmaker. The best support is a 24/7 chat option on the website. And even then, it only works if there is a response within a short time.


The best way to find your favorite betting sites is to try what you think is the best. And again, in my opinion, there is not one single betting site that is the best. There are several I use depending on the sport I am betting and mostly the odds they offer. It can also be profitable to have more than one bookmaker. They provide free bets, safe bets, and similar fun promotions.