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    It is effortless to get in touch with betting groups. Above is a contact form. When you have completed all fields, click on send. The system ensures that messages end up in our inbox.

    If you prefer to send an email yourself instead of using the contact form, this is also possible. The email address you can use for this is [email protected].

    You can send an email for various reasons. Do you have a betting group, and would you like a review on the site? Did you come across something on that you would like to comment on, or do you have a question? Do not hesitate to fill in the contact form or send an email.

    We always try to respond to emails as quickly as possible. We ask that you be patient for a few days. We do everything we can to answer you quickly and correctly.

    Contact us on social media

    As you may expect from us, we have several social media channels where you can follow us. All these channels are also open to direct messages. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram to connect and click on this page’s social media symbols. Here too, we are swamped talking to everyone personally. You will the social media symbols on the bottom of this page.

    We make every effort to respond to everyone as quickly and as best as possible. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take a little longer than we would like or as you are used to from us. We hope we can count on your understanding and continue to work hard to make the service even better.

    Contact us to Register Betting Groups

    We are always looking for new Betting Groups to add to our database. We will assess whether the registered group falls within the framework of groups that we place during the review. If you are the administrator of the Betting Group, let us know in your message. We would love to hear what your favorite sport is to bet on, which strategy you prefer and what your results have been over the past six months.

    You can also register a group that you are not the administrator of yourself. Maybe you want to join a group, but you want to know if it is wise. We are happy to help you with this. We have a new group to review, and you will get the information you want about the group. Win-win.

    All groups that we assess and do not meet our method to be placed on this site are excluded. If you register these types of groups and have already viewed them, you will hear it soon. Groups that do not comply because they have the wrong intentions or share false information about sports betting will not be mentioned. Not even with the comment that they do not comply or with a low score. We prefer to leave these out of our website.

    We look forward to your message. Don’t be shy and send an email!