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YouTube – How sports betting uses YouTube to make profit

YouTube is an online video sharing platform. No matter the topic, you will be able to find videos about it. Music videos, movie trailers, tutorials, funniest home videos, educational videos, or documentaries, to name but a few. The possibilities are endless.

It is also possible to follow live stream events, such as sporting matches, on YouTube. Video bloggers have become a popular feature; these bloggers are called YouTubers or YouTube stars.

Some have even become celebrities in their own right. Apart from the main website, it has developed several dedicated services such as Music, Kids, and Premium.

Are you interested in betting but not sure how to go about it? YouTube is full of excellent tutorials to help you get started. It is also a perfect place to follow matches, as many sporting events worldwide are live-streamed on YouTube. Not only that, but you will also find many YouTube betting channels specializing in different sports.

These channels are an excellent way to get the scoop on strategies, recaps, match predictions, and betting tips. There are some excellent ones out there. And the people behind them are more than happy to share their expertise. On our platform, we have made an overview of the best betting group channels to be found on YouTube. All you have to do is join them and start betting.

Google owns YouTube. You can log on using your Google account. You do not necessarily need to have an account to watch videos. But you do need an account to upload videos. Or leave comments, create playlists, subscribe to other users (channels), or services. Not all content that is uploaded is available for free. Some services and channels require a subscription.

It does not matter what sport you are interested in; you will find dozens of betting channels on YouTube, where people share their knowledge about betting strategies, upcoming events, and the best betting tips.


Who is on YouTube that will help you win bets

In February 2020, YouTube registered 2 billion logged-in monthly users. Using the product in 90 different countries. About 70% watching videos on mobile devices. YouTube is wildly popular with younger generations. They prefer watching YouTube instead of watching regular television. Most people watch so they can feel relaxed or entertained.

Channels have become very popular on YouTube. In 2020 there were over 170,000 channels with more than 100,000 subscriptions. Millennials prefer watching videos uploaded by people over those uploaded by companies. YouTube stars have become celebrities and can make millions by posting videos.

Betting is also trending on YouTube. This should not come as a surprise because it is all about sharing information. And betting is such a tremendous and exciting topic.

How safe is it to use

Using YouTube is relatively safe. Just make sure that you use an up-to-date and secure internet browser. It is easy to remain anonymous if you want to. Do not use an account when watching videos. As with all social media platforms, it is up to you how involved you want to be. If you decide to post comments, please remember that anyone will be able to read them.

There are community guidelines to keep their community safe. All videos that are uploaded must abide by these guidelines.

The community guidelines address issues such as:

  • Spam and deceptive practices
  • Sensitive content
  • Violent or dangerous content
  • Regulated goods

The company uses people and algorithms to check if videos comply with the community guidelines. However, more than 500,000 hours worth of videos is uploaded every day. This makes it impossible to study all of them. And so that is why they also rely on users to flag offensive videos. A team of reviewers reviews all flagged videos.

If a video violates the guidelines, the creator will receive a warning. Creators that have already received a warning will receive a strike. If they receive three strikes in 90 days, the company terminates the channel.

There are automated systems that not only identify and remove spam automatically. These systems also recognize re-uploads of removed videos that violated its policies.

Youtube search for betting groups screen

Channels with most subscribers

Channels vary in style. Professional organizations run some channels. They make use of professional equipment and studios. Companies use YouTube as a way to promote their business. Sharing video content is a way for them to promote their business.

Individuals run other channels using only their phones to film themselves. Some tipsters, for instance, upload videos of themselves filmed while sitting in their cars.

For most users, the quality of the video is not what is essential. They follow those channels that provide unique and relevant information.

How to Use YouTube

Using YouTube to learn more about online betting is easy. All you have to do is start following betting channels. Check out our website to find the best tipsters for Football, Tennis, MMA and Horse Racing.

Download YouTube app

The company has developed several apps: Music, Kids, and Studio. The apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Downloading the app is simple. Visit the app store or website that suits your smartphone and follow the instructions:

How Safe is YouTube

As the company is part of Google it uses the same security measures as Google does. To log on you will need a Google account.


There are things you can do to keep your account safe:

  • Select a strong password and only use it for your Google account
  • Also use login verification
  • Use email and phone number to request a reset password link or code
  • Keep an eye out for suspicious links and, before entering your login information, always make sure you are on the official website
  • Never give your username and password to third parties
  • Make sure your computer, smartphone, and browser use up-to-date software

Red security icon


You can decide which information you want to share with other users. In the account settings of your Google account, you can:

  • Customize your profile and privacy settings
  • Check Security issues
  • Take a Privacy Check-Up


How Does YouTube Make Money

YouTube makes money from advertising and subscription fees. It is free to use, but they use the information generated by its users to make money. Yes, that includes you too. For instance, they use (and sell) that information to customize ads. These have their ads and ads from third parties.

You can make money by carefully choosing which channels to follow. Learn more about betting strategies and get the inside scoop. We have provided an overview of legitimate channels providing trustworthy information. That these betting channels offer reliable information that does not mean they always get it right. It is up to you to decide what to do with that information. You, and only you, are responsible for placing your bets.

Some betting channels make money by charging a subscription fee. There are also free YouTube betting channels accounts that anyone can follow. Channels generate an income from the ads placed next to their videos. The revenue is based on the number of viewers or subscribers. A lot of tipsters and companies use channels to showcase their knowledge. They often have their online platforms to which you need to subscribe. By sharing information for free, they hope to convince you to subscribe to their platform.

Company Details

YouTube is an American company that is owned by Google. Located in San Bruno, California, United States.

Youtube headquarters location on map


901 Cherry Ave
San Bruno, CA 94066

History of YouTube

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim founded YouTube in 2005. They initially intended to create an online dating service, which failed. However, they soon realized that the uploading platform they built was unlike anything available at the time. Its simple interface enabled people without computer skills to publish, upload, and view streaming videos. The platform was available for standard web browsers and standard internet speeds. The first video uploaded on YouTube was titled: Me at the Zoo. It featured one of the founders visiting the San Diego Zoo.

The platform was an immediate success and snowballed. After six months, they were drawing well over two million viewers a day. These numbers meant they needed to invest in new equipment and broadband connections to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Copyright infringement problems and problems with monetizing the platform led to a collaboration with Google.

In 2006, Google ended up purchasing YouTube for US$1.65 billion in stock. The purchase enabled YouTube to become a worldwide success. That same year, the New York Times named YouTube its annual ‘Person of the Year.

YouTube Logo

Live Events

In 2010, they began streaming online events. They started with streaming 60 cricket matches from The Indian Premier League. This was the first time a major sporting event was broadcasted online for free. At least, according to YouTube.

Over the years, YouTube has undergone a lot of changes. For example, in 2013, they launched a pilot program that enabled content providers to offer premium subscription-based channels. And in 2015, they started their ad-free service. Initially called YouTube Red, later naming it YouTube Premium. They also released the apps YouTube Kids and YouTube Music. In 2018, they introduced a new Gaming portal as part of the main YouTube site. This portal replaced the separate Gaming website and app.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people staying at home turned to YouTube to entertain them. This puts pressure on the overall available bandwidth. The EU requested reducing streaming quality so medical services could continue to share information reliably. YouTube reduced the streaming quality to cut the bandwidth by 25% to comply with the request.

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