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We love sports betting. And we think it must remain a game. Read more about responsible sports betting and be aware of what kind of player you are. Also, check out tips if you suspect that your playing behavior or someone else is getting out of hand. Gamble Aware, when the fun stops, you should stop.

What qualities do you recognize in yourself when you think about your playing behavior?

Low-risk properties:

  • You have realistic expectations about your chances of winning.
  • You don’t play too long in a row. Take a break sometimes.
  • You don’t play with very high stakes.
  • If you lose once, you accept this. You don’t play endlessly to win this back.
  • You run little risk of getting into trouble.

Properties possible risk:

  • You spend more than you can afford.
  • You hope to be able to solve financial problems with this.
  • You often think about gambling.
  • You get angry or irritated when you lose and then play on to “win back”.
  • You run the risk of getting into trouble. Read here what you can do.

Tips to Gable Aware

Determine your budget in advance

Of course, you hope to win a nice prize if you play, but the reality is that you have to take into account a loss as the outcome. That’s why you should never play with money that you should have done other things with, such as shopping or paying your rent. Think in advance what you want to lose as much as possible, and do not go over it.

Play with others

Playing together is twice as much fun. You can fantasize together about what you’re going to do when you win, but you can also keep an eye on each other. Pay attention to the conditions of the bookmaker where you play. It is not allowed to have an account together. A bookmaker account is always personal. So first, study the conditions carefully.

Set a limit online

At most significant bookmakers, you can set your playing limit online per day or week. You can then merely no longer bet at a certain point. That way, you will not be tempted to play more than you thought in advance. You can also set a deposit limit.

Take a break

Maybe it’s good to stop playing for a while and focus on other fun things in your life, such as family, friends, or hobbies. If you keep thinking about games of chance, it is a signal to yourself that you might be running a risk.

Protect yourself

Have you decided to take a break, and are you looking for a big stick for yourself? Then you have several options. If you play online, you can exclude yourself from your account. If you are unsure how this works, please contact the customer service of the relevant bookmaker. You can exclude for different periods.

Do you ever worry?

Do you feel that sports betting is getting out of hand? That causes problems in the field of your social life, finances, work, or education? Or are you worried about the playing behavior of someone close to you? Then there are different options per country to report yourself or someone else for help. This can often also be done anonymously, and no one will judge you.