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Unibet was founded in 1997 by enthusiast and expert Anders Störm. From a player to the players. Unibet is the expert at understanding what players need to place bets that amplify their passion for the game.


  • Unibet is from players for players
  • Very extensive range
  • Good odds
  • Extensive offer for martial arts enthusiasts
  • Register super fast


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Unibet is a relatively young company when you consider the competition. Maybe I should phrase that differently. Almost all of the major players in the bookmakers’ market have a rich history. With Unibet, things are slightly different. Unibet started in 1997 as an online bookmaker. Created by a sports betting enthusiast and according to their own words, they will always develop from that perspective. When you first create an account with Unibet, there are several options. These options get determined by the country where your location is during registration. With the traditional method, you manually enter all your data and upload the official documents. You can do this on the account verification page. The new ways are often linked to your bank account. With Trustly, for example, you can also verify your identity in addition to making a transaction. We will go through the traditional process of registration with you. The entire process at Unibet consists of 4 parts, starting with your name. First and last name, as they are also on your passport. Following by a valid email address, your mobile phone number, date of birth (18+ of course), and finally an option to indicate your gender. After a friendly greeting through the registration form, it is time to enter your address, zip code, and city name. Continue to the third block, where you can come up with a password of at least eight characters. The password must contain at least two types of characters, such as capital letters, numbers, and punctuation. The password is additionally secured with a security question. The last block is the fastest because you only have to tick three options. Do you want a bonus, do you want rewards in the future and you are over 18 years old. You will receive a code by SMS on the mobile number, which you will need to confirm the account.

Deposit money

Now that you have an account with Unibet, it is time to deposit some money. When you log in, you can see your current balance at the green bar, top right. There is also a deposit button. As with any betting site, the depositing method depends on the country you live in and the regulations they have there. A debit card is almost always a good and certainly a safe and fast option. With this option, you enter your card details and choose the amount you want to deposit. The card data is immediately stored secured so that you can continue quickly with the next deposit or withdrawal. Of course, there are plenty of alternatives if you are looking for that. Popular digital services such as Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafecard are also easy options. You can choose from these options without any problems up to an amount of 10.000 pounds sterling.

Withdraw money

It becomes much more fun if you can start paying out money. When you click on your balance amount next to the Deposit button, a menu opens. This menu is divided into three blocks. The first block on the left shows bonuses and messages. The middle block shows your total funds. But it also shows how those funds are structured. You have a cash balance and a bonus balance. You cannot have a bonus balance paid out. For this, you will have to wager the bonus first. So the focus, for now, is on the cash balance. Unibet withdrawalIn the rightmost block of the three, you will see a large yellow button with an account on it. When you use that button, you will enter the account menu. You will now see several options on the left. The top option is BANK. Click on this BANK option to expand the menu. By unfolding it, three new options have been added to choose from. Deposit money, as we have just considered, withdraw cash and funds security. The latter explains how Unibet extensively protects the money that is deposited with them. It would be best if you had the withdrawal option to withdraw money. Here you see some different options, just like with depositing. Preferably look at the method recommended by Unibet. This is often the method you also used with the deposit and therefore designated as the safest. All methods are without an additional fee. The time it takes to process the command is behind the method. Your money will be available somewhere within zero to three days, but that depends on the chosen method.

Responsible sports betting

Unibet has many methods that can help you if you find it difficult to control your gambling behavior. We often play more when things go well or when things go against us. By setting the reality check, you will receive a notification at the moments you choose yourself. You will then see how long you have been playing and what you have won or lost. Other options to help you play responsibly include setting limits. For example, you can limit the maximum amount that you can deposit in a specified period. You can also set a loss limit. You can choose per section to block your access for a specific period. For example, Unibet Casino stops for seven days. If you feel that things are getting out of hand and have insufficient control of your gambling behavior, consider the complete exclusion.

Markets to bet on at Unibet.

You see the white Unibet logo on the recognizable green background at the top left of the screen. Below that, the various divisions of the brand are offered. Such as casino, live casino, bingo, and poker, but the first option is sports, and that’s what we’re looking for. If you select sports, you will see the second menu, in the darker green, directly below, sports betting, Racing, Virtual sports, statistics, and betting guides. On the left is a menu with all sports from A to Z, where the sports and events that are most popular at Unibet at that time are at the top. The gray menu bar in the middle under the green bar gives you some options. From there, you can go directly to live betting, Upcoming, Streaming services, an overview of your bets, and the Free bets & Uniboosts. These are the special Unibet promotions. To the right, there is also the magnifying glass. This allows you to immediately search for the team, player, competition, etc., of your preference. When I bet on betting group tips, it is the most used option as the bets are already known, and I need to place them.

Betting on football at Unibet

When you bet on Unibet’s football, it starts with opening the football page via the left menu. What you see next depends very much on the moment. For example, on a weekday, you may fall straight into the champions league. In contrast, that will mainly be the popular European competitions at the weekend. You can bet on almost all matches in the world at Unibet. The offer is very extensive. The games are always displayed in bars. First, the starting time, followed by the playing teams. The odds for the 1X2 are shown in three large green blocks. Just in front of those blocks on the left side are three upright bars or the icon that indicates that the statistics can be found here. Here you see the probability calculations and the shape of the playing teams.

There may be another icon in front of the statistics icon. Sometimes it is a clock as you see it for live and for upcoming in the menu bar. The other time it’s a rectangle with a play sign in it. In those cases, the match is broadcasted on Unibet itself. If none of the two icons are displayed, there is too little data available to bet on this match live. Next to the odds, it is indicated how many markets there are for that particular match. This number can add up considerably. You will find the popular bets such as over 2.5 goals, Both teams to score and double chance. The bigger the match, the more markets are offered.

Betting on Tennis at Unibet

Let’s see if tennis betting is a bit well arranged at Unibet. As you would expect, tennis is in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen. At the top of the tennis, the screen is Live & upcoming, outrights and all tennis. Default by tournament names sorts the matches. You can adjust this with the filter button at the top left and optionally choose to sort by time. Tennis matches are arranged in blocks one below the other. Each block starts with the start time, followed by the names of the players. Then you can use the icons to see which matches are broadcast live and where live betting is possible. The number in front of the green blocks with the odds is the number of markets available for that particular event. Here you can, for example, bet on sets, number of minutes, or on a tie break. If you have no experience with tennis or betting on tennis, let a tennis group inform you. There are three different types of bets in the six green blocks with odds. The first two blocks are for choosing the winner, match. The two blocks in the middle are also for betting on the winner but with a handicap, game handicap. The underdog gets a number of points advantage here what will increase the odds for the favorite. The last two blocks are the over under bets, Total Games. In tennis, that will usually hang around 24.

Betting on MMA at Unibet

MMA is also represented at Unibet. In the menu on the left side of your screen, you have to look for UFC / MMA. UFC is the largest organization in this sport by far, so many people associate the name UFC with MMA. Yet the offer at Unibet is more than just UFC events. Often there are other organizations such as FAME MMA or Bellator, for example. You can also see organizations that are more focused on kickboxing, such as Glory here, an extensive offer for those who love martial arts betting. In the vast majority of fights, you can only bet on the winner. The different markets, such as betting on winning or in which round is an exception.

Betting on Horse Races at Unibet

Horse races are under the Racing tab at Unibet. That is to say, and it does not fall under sports betting. There is now a lot to say about this, but it is doubtful whether it is relevant. When you go to the racing page, you will also see a slightly different page layout. You will now see an overview of the next races to the left of the sports betting menu. You can filter this overview on horse races, greyhounds, and horse driving. Unibet shows races around the world to bet on. At the top of the screen, you see some blocks from the next races. The country, race type, distance, time, and track are at the top of the block. Below are the three biggest contenders according to the odds. The odds are displayed on large green blocks. You can add those odds directly to your bet slip from this screen. When you scroll down a little further, you will see an overview to make several selections. You can choose between today, tomorrow and the following days. On the far right are the specials where you can place bets far ahead on significant events such as the Cheltenham Festival. Unibet Horse racing live screen Unibet also broadcasts many races. This way, you can watch the event at home behind your computer as if you were there yourself. Especially when you start betting live, this can be a huge advantage. Before a race begins, many previous racial images are shared, and there are various analysis options. Of course, we would always advise you to look for a betting group specializing in betting on horses.


Unibet would like to develop a simple platform to deposit, play, withdraw money, however, and whenever you want. It is essential to maintain our local, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service. Unibet offers the broadest range of sports betting available, including niche sports and competitions. They say they share knowledge and insights to help you make informed bets. They strive for continuous innovation in everything they do. At Unibet, they put players at the center of everything they do. The goal is to understand what you want before you do it, and they don't waste your time with products, services, and offers you don't need. This is because they are players themselves, and it is what we would like from a brand we trust.